Northern Borders / PTECH Career & Workforce Exploration April 2019 Field Trip

On April 10th the Northern Borders / PTECH students had the amazing opportunity to visit the Fort Drum Medical Simulation Center.  Despite the long bus ride, the students really enjoyed the different critical skill stations they went through that day.  The military and civilian staff at the Medical Simulation Center greeted the students with MREs (Meal, Ready to Eat) for lunch and then cycled them through five different simulation stations.  Experienced Army Medics walked the students through tourniquet application on mannequins that bleed and speak; suturing; wound packing; administering IVs; and a litany of other critical skills required for today’s medical professionals.  Students also enjoyed touring a Black Hawk Helicopter before they loaded the buses to head back to school.  This trip was an awesome way to end our monthly outings before the busy testing period starts.

The students and staff at Northern Borders Academy/PTECH would like to thank the staff at the Fort Drum Medical Simulation Center for their time and introducing them to hands on experiences they will never forget.

Bryce Braley, Sophomore, placing a tourniquet on mannequin.

Cadence Square, Sophomore, administering an IV.

Olivia Frazier, Freshman practicing suturing procedures.

Madison Tatlock, Sophomore, practicing wound packing.

Group photo with PTECH students and staff, and military medics.