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Bryce Braley05/01/2019Bryce-Braley-April2019-Workplace-challenge.docx
Chelsea Hohol05/01/2019Copy-of-April2019.WorkplaceChallengeAssignment-1.docx
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Lindsey Wendler04/30/2019Lindsey-Wendlers-March-Workplace-Challenge1.docx
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Hi Maddie - just checking in to see how the school year 2019 - 2020 is treating you. Good, I hope. It is another year on the way to who you are going to be in your career. I am retiring in December of this year. I have worked in medicine for over 40 years - a long time. It has been a good career for me, it was right, I still get excited about it but the time has come. I have work I have to do at home so this is it. I hope to stay involved with the P-Tech Program as the students, you, excite me about the possibilities you have before you, who you are going to become and any small part I can play in it. I hope to see you soon Maddie - stay strong. Lori


Good afternoon Hattie,
I apologize for not responding sooner. in the past couple of months I have in and out of the office and spending a lot of time traveling. I had an opportunity to read the work that you have submitted. You did a great job. Conflict occurs in every work place and each work place has a specific set of rules to include rules about lateral violence. Seeking the help of your supervisor if you cannot set the differences aside. Another way to handle this would be to speak directly with the individual that you have the conflict with and attempt to address the issues that have occurred in the past. I agree being open minded is very important when collaborating.

Managers have decisions to make. In this assignment you identified the importance of listening to employees and making sure they feel validated. A manager has the difficult job of directing supervisors to do things that are not always going to be fair for each individual. A compromise can be developed between the supervisor and the employee. I agree that meeting with the supervisor should be the first step. Great job. Try to take into account that it may not always be fair due to the different situations that occur for each employee. I would work to keep an open mind while the supervisor is explaining the reason for their choice. Other employees may have children, other jobs or schooling that prevents them from working certain hours or days.
Then I would work to identify why the employee feels like the supervisor doesn't like them. I would hear both sides and then hopefully have some mediation. If the situation could not be resolved action would have to be taken to include a lateral move within the company.
You would have to careful about speaking with other employees about concerns about the supervisors behavior. Some employees may feel put on the spot or concerned about their own job positions. They may feel uncomfortable answering questions.


Hi Chelsea,
What if one or both of the employees have legitimate reasons why they don't like each other? Would this change your mind about potentially changing the schedule? Think about how you can make each employee feel like their concerns are important instead of just telling them they need to put their differences aside and move on. I think you need to go into a bit more detail with what steps you could take to address the matter. Also, make sure you take a little extra time to read over your essay before you hand it in so you can make sure there are no mistakes and it flows smoothly.

Let's get a discussion going around your essays... think about the questions I asked you in the last one and then this one and let me know.


Hi Shealyn, I am so sorry I have not responded to you before this. I am always very excited to hear that someone is interested in the medical field. I look forward to reading your assignments.


Hi Olivia- This is in response to your March Challenge. As I am sure you know, you will not like everyone you work with, there are just some people with whom you do not click. Trying to be professional and focused on the task that needs to be completed and less about the people involved. Sometimes when I have trouble getting along with someone, I try to look for a quality in the person that I respect or like and try to focus more on the positive and try to limit the negative thoughts I have toward the person. Sometimes I forget, that my response to another person may affect not only the person that I am directing energy towards, but other people in the office as well. This goes for good and bad energy.


Hi Olivia, I'm sorry I am the worse coach. I am back on track. I liked your essay. Doing your own work and knowing how much you know or don't know is invaluable to you. And like you said, you may need that information in the future and let your patient down because you cheated. I would rather have average grades but know I earned them, than have stellar grades. Conducting yourself in an honorable manner, even when no one would find out, is always the best policy. Great job!


Hey Maddie - thanks for the reply. I know you are busy, I remember school work, chores and life - very busy. Glad all is going well. You do write good essays. About six more weeks and you should have a break for summer! Hang in there! Lori


Hi Jamie,
I am very pleased you replied to my submissions and I look forward to meeting you soon. I, unfortunately, could not job shadow you and I am sorry for my absence, however, I plan on doing some job shadowing over the summer.


Hi Lindsey,

I apologize for the late responses to your submissions. There was a bit of confusion as I thought you were coming to shadow me again. For the submission about cheating, I feel that you did an amazing job. It is never best to take the easy way out, especially in healthcare. I was a nursing instructor, and I found that there were students that cheated (but I had no proof). I had the discussion with the class that although it will get you through the year, it will not help you when you get out of school. If you cheat on the test and do not learn the information necessary to take care of your patients, then you are harming them. Study hard and you will know that you tried your best in the long run. You will be happy that you did.

On the other submission about working with someone that you do not necessarily get along with, I feel that you also answered very well. There are going to be many people that you come across in your life that you do not get along with, but it is important that you work as a team to reach an end goal. In all careers, there is teamwork and there is time that you can work independently. However, you must be able to do both as the customers/patients depend on it. I do not particularly get along with everyone I come in contact with, but I still am professional with them all. When you have to work with someone and you are having difficulty, you are correct when you state that you should discuss it ahead of time and resolve any issues so they do not get in the way of your work.

I hope this reaches you in time. Have a great week!



Thalia Quinones 4-29-19
Intro~ If my head boss gave me instruction to make new schedules for my staff I would get them done as soon as possible. The schedules may not work for everyone so you might have to ask one of your staff if it's ok if one works later then the other or just make them as fair as possible.
Body 1~ If one of my employers came to me complaining about there schedule I would ask can I help or what is making your schedule difficult for you. It wouldn’t be fair for me to change one person's schedule and not others so I’d most likely say your gonna just have to work with it.
Body 2~ To address this I’d call them in my office and talk to them about what’s going on and explain like I don’t dislike them and stuff. In the workplace, it’s ok not to like someone you don’t have to be friends with everyone but the least you can do is be cordial with everyone. Cause in the workplace there's no need to be fighting and arguments.

Body 3~ If I change the schedules I could have my employers mad because their schedules there used to and have had for a while are getting changed. If I don't change the schedules I could get in trouble by my boss who told me to switch up the schedules. It is my job to make the schedules as fair as possible. Iw ould rather have my employers a little upset about there schedule change then me get in trouble for not doing what I'm supposed to. It will be a change for employers to work different hours.

Conclusion~ In conclusion my job would be done cause I would've got the schedules changed. One or two employers would've been a little upset but there’s nothing I can really change unless my boss tells me otherwise. In that fact, I could be risking my job.



It's nice to finally be in touch! My apologies for taking so long to pick up my end of the responsibilities.

I've read over the two assignments you submitted. Overall, I found you got right to the point and answered the questions that were asked, which is the way to manage this kind of assignment - especially in a professional setting, no one wants to be bothered by fluff.

I have some thoughts - mostly questions, really. Just intended to provoke thought - often there isn't a correct answer. I'm not sure what your responsibilities are regarding this feedback mechanism - whether you need to reply or not - but if you do, I'm more than happy to continue the conversation.

Regarding the March assignment:

I think your statement that an ongoing dispute would impact the quality of your work was spot-on. If you want to get the job done, any difficulties in the relationship need to be a secondary concern.

You initially wrote you would ask the other individual, with whom you had a rocky relationship, to set aside their differences. Why is it their responsibility? I did see that later on you wrote that it was a shared responsibility. What might you do if only one of you managed to set those differences aside?

You wrote "If both of our ideas work well together..." What if both of your ideas don't work well together?

"Calming our differences" sounds easier said then done. If this is a person with whom you've had several heated discussions, what exactly does this process look like?

I think you covered some of the complexity of working with people you are friends with well. People can be friends, and people can work well together. Sometimes these things go together, and sometimes they don't. It's nice to have friends you work well with, and it's not so nice to have friends you don't work well with. What might you do if you found that you did not work well with a friend, but you both still had a job to do?

Regarding the April assignment:

Your initial approach is to ask if the employee in question knows that their supervisor does not like them. Sometimes people KNOW their supervisors hate them, when it's actually a case of mismatched expectations. A supervisor and their employee have very different responsibilities, and when a supervisor acts to fulfill their role obligations the employee may not have knowledge of all the information that was used to make the decision in question. So what if this person were to tell you they knew their supervisor did not like them, that this was a fact - and it was in fact not true and their supervisor was just doing their job?

The assignment starts by saying that you have given direction to the supervisors that the schedules are to be changed. Is managing this employee's dissatisfaction your responsibility?

If two people you're responsible for, the supervisor and their employee, disagree so strongly about this scheduling problem that you're concerned they might began to fight and disrupt the functioning of the clinic, is the schedule the real problem? It may be if it was legitimately unfair. It may also be that these people are incredibly unprofessional and incapable of managing their disagreements in an adult manner. How do you determine what the cause is?

What happens when the individual in question who got their schedule switched tells their co-workers? Or the changes to this individual's schedule causes changes in the schedules of others? Who is responsible for managing the dissatisfaction of the employees who are impacted by the fallout?

Overall, I like direction you're headed in. Managing disputes successfully and getting the job done are key.

Please let me know if you've got any questions (about feedback, or me, or the field, or anything, really).



Hi Lori, I am so sorry that I haven't gotten a chance to respond, school work has been crazy and it's hard trying to get everything done and reply to you're messages, but it was very nice to meet you. I'm glad that we got to finally meet and got to work on the CPR together, but thank you for reading my essay and leaving your thoughts. I always try to make the best out of every situation and with the essay I had to write I really thought about it and throughout life we aren't always going to be friends with everybody and might not always see eye to eye but bringing conflict into a job isn't respectful nor responsible so just learning to work with everybody regardless has always been my mindset, I hope all is well with you and I hope to see you soon!


Ok Thank You


Hi Maddie,

It was great to meet you and your classmates last Thursday. The Fort Drum trip sounded great. I just read your March 2019 Workplace Challenge Assignment. You would be surprised how often you are asked to team up with a co-worker that you conflict with. You are very correct in stating you don’t have to be best friends to work together; you can put aside your differences and get the project done.

Probably the toughest thing would be to move forward BUT respect would help you focus. Respect the person’s work, their abilities, their past projects – don’t focus on the personal things that have caused issues in the past.

I also like the fact that you are thinking of the big picture; your job and your co-worker’s job. As a boss myself, if I were to see the effort you put forth to move past the issues with your co-worker and get the project done well and on time – that would speak volumes. You gave this a lot of thought; you are doing well and moving in the right direction.

I hope we can meet at another classroom event. It is difficult as a sophomore to decide what you future job and education will be. You are beginning to experience and learn about so many different things. By going to different events you are hearing from people who have been in their field for some time – the good and the bad.

For myself, medicine has been my life – it has served me well. You can’t be doing it for the money, it truly must be for the love of it, the knowledge that you can make a difference for a patient and their family. You can’t save the world but if at the end of the day, you did your best, you focused on the patient and their family, you brought some comfort and care to them – you have done well.

Good assignment Maddie – congratulations!

Lori Gokey


After reviewing your response to the workplace challenge assignment, here are a few suggestions:
-After you complete your answer, go back to the assignment and re-read it and make sure you answered all the questions. This will help you to create a longer and more detailed response as you can write a paragraph for each of the questions.
-At some point in our lives, we all have worked or will work with someone you don't like. While, it is great to get your work done as soon as possible, we don't want to rush our work as it can lead to work that is unprofessional or not up to the standards of which we are capable.
- I agree that communication is important with the people we work with to make sure you are both working towards that same goal. I can see from your viewpoint that you already have a sense of professionalism as you had stated that despite your differences you should be able to get the task done on time.
-Remember: You can always go to your supervisor. A good supervisor can give you tools to help you work through and improve this working relationship. Open communication with a supervisor will allow that supervisor to change anything that isn't working well and address situations as they come up.
-You don't have to be friends with everyone you work with, but being professional, friendly, and respectful will help to create a positive working relationship.


Hey Chelsea,

Keeping a positive attitude and considering your co-worker's perspective are great ideas. You have a good idea to sit down and talk with your co-worker to try to better your relationship, but what would you do if she wasn't willing to meet with you? Or if she was, what would you want to talk about? Any other steps you could take to try to work better together?
I understand the point you're making in your essay, just make sure you proof read a couple times in the future - this sentence: "If we end up working hand to hand very well then it means we did well at understanding what needs to be done and put litter issues behind us." has a typo, "litter". Which word did you mean to say?
Also, when you wrote "my co-worker and I", you were correct. Stick to that rather than me and my co-worker 🙂 Think of it as taking the co-worker out of the sentence so you have "I have to do a project", not "me have to do a project." Let me know if you have any questions. Looking forward to reading your next essay!


Hi Kylie, I have reviewed your response to March's workplace challenge. I think it is very important that you realize that you will have to work with all kinds of people and personalities throughout life, and it is very important that you "leave your baggage at the door". Especially in the healthcare field, you don't want to take away from the quality of care or the professionalism necessary to care for individuals in your care. Medical settings often make patients/individual's uncomfortable to begin with, so it is very important that they feel the professionals taking care of them are just that-professionals. Smiling, kind words, reassuring voice, and a calm demeanor are all things necessary to give comfort to people. This is not easily portrayed when you are not getting along with a co-worker. Teamwork is a must in the healthcare field- you need assistance transferring patients, co-signers for narcotics, someone to cover you when you eat or use the restroom, someone to cover your shift, so - make all the friends you can!
Rebecca Dibble RN

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