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Hi Maddie,

It was great to meet you and your classmates last Thursday. The Fort Drum trip sounded great. I just read your March 2019 Workplace Challenge Assignment. You would be surprised how often you are asked to team up with a co-worker that you conflict with. You are very correct in stating you don’t have to be best friends to work together; you can put aside your differences and get the project done.

Probably the toughest thing would be to move forward BUT respect would help you focus. Respect the person’s work, their abilities, their past projects – don’t focus on the personal things that have caused issues in the past.

I also like the fact that you are thinking of the big picture; your job and your co-worker’s job. As a boss myself, if I were to see the effort you put forth to move past the issues with your co-worker and get the project done well and on time – that would speak volumes. You gave this a lot of thought; you are doing well and moving in the right direction.

I hope we can meet at another classroom event. It is difficult as a sophomore to decide what you future job and education will be. You are beginning to experience and learn about so many different things. By going to different events you are hearing from people who have been in their field for some time – the good and the bad.

For myself, medicine has been my life – it has served me well. You can’t be doing it for the money, it truly must be for the love of it, the knowledge that you can make a difference for a patient and their family. You can’t save the world but if at the end of the day, you did your best, you focused on the patient and their family, you brought some comfort and care to them – you have done well.

Good assignment Maddie – congratulations!

Lori Gokey


After reviewing your response to the workplace challenge assignment, here are a few suggestions:
-After you complete your answer, go back to the assignment and re-read it and make sure you answered all the questions. This will help you to create a longer and more detailed response as you can write a paragraph for each of the questions.
-At some point in our lives, we all have worked or will work with someone you don't like. While, it is great to get your work done as soon as possible, we don't want to rush our work as it can lead to work that is unprofessional or not up to the standards of which we are capable.
- I agree that communication is important with the people we work with to make sure you are both working towards that same goal. I can see from your viewpoint that you already have a sense of professionalism as you had stated that despite your differences you should be able to get the task done on time.
-Remember: You can always go to your supervisor. A good supervisor can give you tools to help you work through and improve this working relationship. Open communication with a supervisor will allow that supervisor to change anything that isn't working well and address situations as they come up.
-You don't have to be friends with everyone you work with, but being professional, friendly, and respectful will help to create a positive working relationship.


Hey Chelsea,

Keeping a positive attitude and considering your co-worker's perspective are great ideas. You have a good idea to sit down and talk with your co-worker to try to better your relationship, but what would you do if she wasn't willing to meet with you? Or if she was, what would you want to talk about? Any other steps you could take to try to work better together?
I understand the point you're making in your essay, just make sure you proof read a couple times in the future - this sentence: "If we end up working hand to hand very well then it means we did well at understanding what needs to be done and put litter issues behind us." has a typo, "litter". Which word did you mean to say?
Also, when you wrote "my co-worker and I", you were correct. Stick to that rather than me and my co-worker 🙂 Think of it as taking the co-worker out of the sentence so you have "I have to do a project", not "me have to do a project." Let me know if you have any questions. Looking forward to reading your next essay!


Hi Kylie, I have reviewed your response to March's workplace challenge. I think it is very important that you realize that you will have to work with all kinds of people and personalities throughout life, and it is very important that you "leave your baggage at the door". Especially in the healthcare field, you don't want to take away from the quality of care or the professionalism necessary to care for individuals in your care. Medical settings often make patients/individual's uncomfortable to begin with, so it is very important that they feel the professionals taking care of them are just that-professionals. Smiling, kind words, reassuring voice, and a calm demeanor are all things necessary to give comfort to people. This is not easily portrayed when you are not getting along with a co-worker. Teamwork is a must in the healthcare field- you need assistance transferring patients, co-signers for narcotics, someone to cover you when you eat or use the restroom, someone to cover your shift, so - make all the friends you can!
Rebecca Dibble RN


Great job with the March assignment. There will frequently be times when coworkers don't see eye to eye, and, while you may never be friends, it is necessary to work as a team to accomplish goals.


Thalia Quinones
March challenge
3- 11 -19

Body 1
Body 2
Body 3

My IT department is developing new software for patient tracking. That means my coworkers and I have to work closely together for days on end. One trouble is my coworker and I don’t get along very well. We’ve had heated conversations before and we don't see eye to eye a lot.
To accomplish this project with having a rocky relationship there are a few things I can do to overcome it. To accomplish it you can work things out with your coworker tell them your gonna be working together on this project and working together in general. Explain to them you don’t want any more problems because it’s getting in the way of how you work. You could offer to take them to work so that you can talk things out and plan how your gonna get the project done.
These steps to making a better relationship between you and your partner are gonna be effective in the end. Taking your coworker to lunch and trying to work things out should work to make your work lives better. If I work things out with my coworker my job will be easier cause I won’t have the problems so I won't have to worry about more. The work environment will be better for both of us.
It is not necessary for us to be friends but it is necessary for us to be mutual with each other. You don't want your working space to be more chaotic and crazy then it already is because you and your coworker have issues just be mutual and get along. Just be cordial and mutual with your coworkers and things should go fine through your work environment. Your work environment shouldn’t be somewhere to have a problem with someone.
In conclusion, the IT department is going to finish their project. In the IT department, no one is going to be arguing or have issues after this. Also, my coworker and I are on good terms now.


In addition to potentially being expelled from a program, by cheating a student would increase their likelihood of failing their boards (the NYS exam taken at the end of the year to get a nursing license). Nursing, as a whole, is considered one of the most ethical professions. By utilizing the questions your friend obtained, you would be violating those ethics.

Good job.


Nice work. I agree with your approach. There will be people that you have to work with that you do not see eye to eye with. You still have to be civil though. So while I see your point about walking away, you will still need to address anything that may arise. As long as you both can see the validity in each others points of view you can civilly agree to disagree. Navigating relationships in the real world can be difficult but being true to yourself and open to others points of view will take you far in your work life. Good job.


Also, I forgot about the portal so sorry it took so long to reply.


Nicole, Thank you so much for reaching out and yes I want to job shadow over April break (13 to 21). I would love to be there and learn more about being a radiologist therapist. If you need to reach me for any questions, I check my school email almost every day rdupra@fehb.org.


That was a very mature point of view. In the work place we often have to work with people that we wouldn't otherwise be friends with. The Job is not paying us to be friends. They are paying us to be productive. It's important to remember that if you don't get along well with someone, addressing the issue directly with them can help. Maybe you will both see the other's point of view better and it will help smooth over the relationship. You can both agree to disagree, but still work toward the common goal. Not getting along well with co-workers is something that everyone must accept in the workplace. I am sure that you don't get along with everyone at school for example. But just because you are not friends, doesn't mean you have to be enemies. You can co-exist and even work together when required. Perhaps after a project you will end up being friends having both experienced that same struggle. Most of the time people are not friends because they don't have something in common, and a project might just be the common ground that builds a friendship. If it doesn't, then no problem, you got your job done.


I apologize for the late response! I think I have figured this portal out now.
I have read your February response and look forward to the March assignment.

In regards to the February response:
I find your answer thoughtful and truthful. It is good to be meaningful and concise when managing situations such as these. You were correct in the statements about this choice effecting the patients as well as yourself. Are you familiar with the butterfly effect?
I did note that you had said "make an excuse" which is right, though I wouldn't necessarily use that wording. In reading your response it occurs to me that you aren't "making an excuse" but are rather being truthful, ethical, and honest. These are important qualities to have and to live by when working with vulnerable peoples.


Thank you! The program is going pretty well.


Hi Maddie - I got your message and am very sorry you are ill. The flu is not fun! We have had so many sick patients and staff at the hospital. I hope you feel better soon. I spoke today to your group about honestly, integrity, ethics and courtesies. I spoke about the assignment on cheating. I was most impressed with the essay your wrote about cheating on the test and then later when trying to care for the patient - you didn't have the knowledge. I mentioned it to the class - I didn't tell them your name, just how impressed I was with your forward thinking. I hope we get to meet soon. I am here to chat when you can but mostly to encourage you - to answer any questions that you may have about the medical field, to explain what you can expect and to be a friend to mentor you maybe. Just let me know what I can do for you. Get well soon! Lori


That is a good answer. One of the hardest things that you will encounter as a professional is going to be how to get along with your coworkers and how to maintain a level of professionalism and integrity. It is a hard balance. I am glad to hear back from you. How are things going in the program? Do you have any questions or is there anything that I can help with?


Your response to your writing prompt for February brought up some really great points. Academic dishonesty sets you up for many consequences up to and including the dismissal from a program. Even if you don't get "caught", as you said you may have been given the wrong answers, which would lead to a potential academic dismissal as well. In addition to the potential to get kicked out of the program for academic dishonesty, there's a much larger risk to your patient population. Schooling in the medical field goes much further than the classroom and successfully completing the program, and many students fail to see that until they are actively working in their chosen field. Every day we made assessments and decisions, based on the information we learned in school, that can greatly effect the patient's outcome -- both for better and worse. A quote I heard once while I was in school, that resonated with me is "Student, you do not study to pass the test. You study to prepare for the day when you are the only thing between a patient and the grave." And as a Medic, this will be applicable to you going forward. Without the knowledge you've learned in the classroom, you have a potential to hurt more than just yourself.


Hi Maddie (Hope you don'd mind me calling you this, I saw it on your paper),

I read your submission, nice. I can tell you put much thought into this - not just about the cheating in the moment BUT what it will mean to you in your future. You are very right in that once cheating was found out, you could be labeled a cheater and nothing you ever worked for would turn out for you. I liked your thoughts on the subject. I think you presented your case well why it is the right path to take - the high road, be honest, study as you said, this is your future and you will need the knowledge to practice your career.

Congratulations to you on your paper! I hope to hear from you soon! I know not being well gets you behind - hope thinks are getting back on track.

Lori Gokey


Thank you so much!
If I was aware that my friend was going to use the answers, and cheat on the test, I would probably let my professor know. Only because I wouldn't want my friend to get caught and kicked out of the program. My responsibility as a medical student would be to report it, whether it means that I lose that friendship because my career is more important than relationships in my opinion.

I also have to say that I am very excited and looking forward to having you as my career coach!


Hi Jarrett,

Great response to the February workplace challenge! I appreciate that you looked at this topic from a variety of different angles. You're correct........ there's potential harm from many distinct standpoints. Of course working in healthcare I liked your recognition of the potential harm that could be inflicted upon future patients.

Its also about integrity......... think about the perceptions of others, should your decision to cheat ever get out? Not only would you be ill prepared to safely take care of patients, you could have caused life long damage to you reputation, both personally and professional.

Nice work!


Hi Jarrett,

Great response to the February workplace challenge! I appreciate that you looked at this topic from a variety of different angles. You're correct........ there's potential harm from many distinct standpoints. Of course working in healthcare I liked your recognition of the potential harm that could be inflicted upon future patients.

Its also about integrity......... think about the perceptions of others, should your decision to cheat ever get out? Not only would you be ill prepared to safely take care of patients, you could have cause life long damage to you reputation, both personally and professional.

Nice work!


Hey this is sara somehow mu workplace challenge assignment has been deleted from my google docs i will get it in the portal within the next few days. Thank you for agreeing to being my career coach.


Good morning, Tatiana,

I'm responding to your Workplace Challenge Assignment because I'm your Career Coach for the remainder of this year.

I'm proud of your decision about cheating and appreciate the thought you put into your response. My motto has always been put your best foot forward, in all situations. From your essay, I see your morals include that. That will be something that future employers will be looking for. Someone who has personal ethical best practices, and someone who knows the consequences of bad choices. Continue to be thoughtful like this and it will bring you to great places.

I look forward to being your Career Coach for the rest of the year. Even though I am not a Dermatologist, I hope I can help you on your journey! 🙂

Mrs. Blackburn


My February challenge has been uploaded, I look forward to your response.


Hi Madison,

Hope things are going well for you. The first assignment is probably the hardest - always hard to get started. I check a couple of times a day just to see how things are going. It is a bit cool outside but I hope you are doing well health-wise, so many people sick with the changing weather. I will keep watching for your first assignment. Be positive!!!!

Lori Gokey


I have reviewed your submission. I wrote a reply and uploaded. It is at the bottom of your assignment. Thanks

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