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How do I apply?

Students interested in applying to the Northern Borders Academy can do so in grades 8-10. The grant requirements give preference to students from the Malone, Salmon-River and Brushton-Moira school districts, however, all students are encouraged to apply. Students must complete an application with a writing component and submit a parent, school counselor and teacher recommendation. Each spring, there will be 30 slots open for the following school year. Please check with your school counselor for the specific application deadlines.  P-Tech Application

How are students selected for the program?

Completed applications received by the deadline are reviewed by the recruitment committee members and students are notified of acceptance within a few weeks of applying.

Selected students are required to attend a “Summer Bridge” program for incoming freshmen.

What about transportation?

Home school districts will transport students from their home school to P-TECH in the morning, and from P-TECH back to their school in the afternoon. This is a full day program.

P-TECH students are bused back to their schools in time to participate in sports and other after-school activities.

How is P-TECH funded?

New York State Pathways in Technology Early College High School grant combined with a local school district tuition is paid as a per pupil fee.

P-Tech students simultaneously earn a Regents level high school diploma and an Associate’s Degree from North Country Community College at no cost to their families.

Is P-TECH for you?

P-TECH students simultaneously earn a Regents level high school diploma and an Associate’s Degree from North Country Community College at no cost to their families.

P-TECH students: 

  • Are motivated to learn in new and exciting ways 
  • Are innovative and creative
  • Are interested in applying science, technology, engineering, and math
  • Work well in a collaborative team environment
  • Thrive in non-traditional classroom setting
P-TECH Value

Gain an unparalleled educational experience and job connections, starting young, by joining the PTECH program. Anyone can be successful, this program lifts kids up from ALL backgrounds, attempting to battle barriers, and guides them into their career as a community leader, educator, health professional, advocate, etc.

A New Model for Secondary Education

Pathways in Technology Early College High School

Bringing the Workplace to the Students
and the Students to the Workplace

Create Your Pathway to a Career

Health Science, Human Services, Chemical Dependency,
or Criminal Justice

Planning For the Future

P-TECH is a place where students create their own pathways to success.

Where are you going in the future?

Building Bridges

Part of being a P-Tech student is building bridges

Northern Borders Academy P-TECH

Northern Borders Academy partners with North Country Community College  for Career Pathways.
Click on the pathway to be taken to more information on North Country Community College’s website.

Click here for more information

2019 – 2020 Monthly Activities

Information about 2020-2021 Career & Workforce Exposure / Workplace Learning Virtual Outings and Workforce Readiness Workshops will be posted here once information is available.

    Job Shadowing is a Career Exploration activity in which a student is paired with an employee, observes the workday, interacts with clients or patients and attends meetings and other appointments with that employee.  Job Shadows are designed to help students explore a field of interest while developing skills and building occupational knowledge.  A Job Shadow occurs over most of the workday (2-5 hours), is conducted in the workplace and provides the opportunity for the student to ask questions of the person being shadowed  throughout the day.  While most Job Shadows are conducted over the bulk of the workday, variations exist, including allowing a student to rotate through a number of different departments over a number of days.  Job Shadowing provides P-TECH students the opportunity to interact with adults and practice the application of the P-TECH Professional Skills.  For the 2020-2021 Academic Year, Job Shadowing will be offered virtually.

    Job Shadowing experiences are designed to promote:

    • Exploration of a field of interest
    • Exposure to adults, careers and jobs
    • Awareness of the academic, technical and personal skills required in particular jobs
    • Opportunity to practice communication, personal integrity and other professional skills


    Karin Blackburn
    P-TECH Job Readiness / Career Coach
    Office:  315-379-7701
    Cell: 315-854-4971

    Our Mission & Vision

    Northern Borders Academy is an educational community that develops inquiring, knowledgeable and caring students who help create a better and more peaceful community and world through intercultural knowledge, understanding and respect.

    P-Tech will provide:

    • An opportunity and access to post-secondary education for first generation and underrepresented college students.
    • An alignment of high school. college (NCCC) and community systems in health science, human services and chemical dependency counseling.
    • Local employers with access to a talented and skilled workforce.
    • The support of programs of study in high demand career areas.


    23 Husky Lane
    Malone, Ny 12953

    School Info

    Northern Borders Academy P-Tech
    North Franklin Educational Center
    Franklin-Essex-Hamilton BOCES

    Phone & Email

    Merrill Pierce
    P-Tech Coordinator
    (518) 483-6420 xt. 4060


    Paula Erno-Boyea
    Guidance Counselor
    (518) 483-6420 




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    North Franklin Educational Center 
    Franklin-Essex-Hamilton BOCES
    23 Husky Lane, Malone, Ny
    Merrill Pierce
    P-Tech Coordinator
    (518) 483-6420 xt. 4060

    School Hours: M-F: 8am – 3pm